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HB Massage Crawley Testimonials

I have been going to Heidi every 2 weeks since Dec 2009 for the most relaxing massage treatments you could have. Its important to keep my stress levels down and Heidi's professionalism in massage is second to none. You go to her home treatment room which is tranquil, beautifully presented and so peaceful.  I regularly have a full body massage and the Japanese face massage is a dream. Oh and the Lave Shells are just to die for. Each client is important to Heidi and she ensures a service that is bespoke to you. I am so delighted to offer this testimonial and now go once a week. I tell her she is my saving grace and preserves my sanity in this busy life we all lead. Don't just read her website - book a massage you will not regret it.

Mrs RA - Pound Hill


Heidi is my Sports Masseur whom I see for preventative maintenance such as lactic acid release, and ii., treatment of sports injuries such as muscle strains and tears, bruising, inflammation, and over-load injuries.

Heidi has a competent medicinal touch which aids and speeds up recovery and improves my performance. She also "runs" herself and so has in depth personal experience, knowledge, and empathy for the massage treatments

she ministers out.  

Heidi is personable, easy to book, and acts with dignity and professional integrity. Heidi keeps notes on my treatments which over the years gives her broad knowledge of where to

concentrate our time on.

She has good technical and anatomical knowledge. If you are an athlete (amateur or professional), casually working out, or even a non-sporting person or pregnant, seeing Heidi for sports massage treatment may help with pain, injuries, strains and recovery.

Mr W - Pound Hill


This is just a short message to thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience the wonderful Japanese face massage treatment. Apart from a nicely toned face, it is one of the most relaxing treatments I have had in a long time. I will definitely  be booking more treatments.

Mrs M - Ardingly

My massage with Heidi is my me time, a rare chance that she creates to get away and forget troubles -including those of my back, which unfortunately comes part of a physical job.

The hot shells have hugely improved my discomfort and fatigue, without me be sucked into anything costly and drastic. It's peaceful, warm, relaxing and inviting - I couldn't ask for more!

Miss G - Horley


Heidi makes you feel so comfortable. The pregnancy massage is wonderful and a great way to relax  and overcome the stresses of pregnancy. I look forward to my next massage!!

Ms L - Smallfield

 I first booked a massage with Heidi when I was experiencing a problem with an ache in the shoulder, and she managed to cure the ache within two visits. I have continued to have massages every few weeks and they certainly help to keep me Healthy. The massage is carried out in a relaxed atmosphere and in a professional manner, but with relaxed conversation when you feel like it. I would recommend anyone experiencing a muscle or joint problem to consider this before more radical intervention. The bottom line is that it is remarkably inexpensive compared with other similar facilities. 

Mr C - Pound Hill

20221018_180535 (1).jpg

A relaxing experience, great attention to detail and a different experience of a facial massage.  

Very enjoyable!

Mrs P - Copthorne

Excellent! Lovely, tranquil ambiance combined with a very professional, relaxing and rejuvenating massage.

Mrs J - Pound Hill

I had an amazing full body pregnancy massage today by Heidi, she really made me feel relaxed with her techniques. I would highly recommend HB massage and I will definitely be going back again

Ms f - Crawley
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