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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect at my first treatment?

A brief medical history will be taken and a chat about why you want a massage and what areas you’d like concentrating on most. The treatment will be explained to you and you’ll be left alone to undress and make yourself comfortable on the massage couch.

What should I wear?

During your massage you’ll just need to go down to your underwear. It’s up to you if you keep your bra on or take it off, whatever makes you comfortable.  Afterwards, it’s nice to change into warm, comfortable clothing.

Will I be covered during my massage?

Yes – at all times.  The only parts of your body uncovered will be the area being massaged.

Will my massage hurt?

No – it should never hurt.  Everyone is different so can take various amounts of pressure.  If the pressure is too deep or even light, please say and the pressure can be adapted.

Who should not have a massage?

Most people can benefit from having a massage.  There are a few groups of people who should seek medical advice from a specialist or GP before booking i.e. Cancer patients and some heart conditions.  If you are unsure, please check with the therapist who can advise before booking.

Pregnancy Massage cannot take place before 14 weeks. If you've had a mis-carriage, please wait until your 20 week scan. 

Please do not book if you have a cold, cough, flu, temperature or contagious skin condition.

How often should I have a massage?

For general wellness aim for a frequency of about once or twice a month. This allows people in generally good health to receive all the health benefits, and allows each massage to build upon the last so that you are not essentially starting over from scratch each time.

How will I feel after my massage?

You may feel very relaxed and sleepy.  To get full lasting benefit from your treatment, it’s best to go home straight after your treatment to relax and drink plenty of water.

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