Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy Massage is a Gentle massage that focuses on the needs and discomforts of expecting mothers.

For mums-to-be having a massage is specifically designed to enhance the well-being of pregnant women and it will help prepare you and your body for childbirth.  It can also minimise fatigue, which is usual during the first and last trimester.

When can you have a pregnancy Massage?

 If  it's your first pregnancy and you've had no problems so far and no history of mis-carriage, then you are able to start enjoying a massage from after your first scan (around 14 weeks). 

 If however, you have not been well and have a history of mis-carriage then it is advisable to wait until you've had your second scan (approx 22 weeks). 

Although Pregnancy Massage has many benefits and is perfectly safe, I do advise you speak to your Midwife or call me if you have any questions or concerns.

You can benefit and enjoy Pregnancy Massage until the day you go into labour.

How does a Pregnancy Massage take place

Firstly and most importantly I want you to be comfortable.  The back rest on the couch is tilted so you are not lying flat on your back.  Lots of pillows are used for your comfort. 

 With the client in this position I can massage, the front of the legs, ankles, feet, shoulders and arms.  By asking the client to bend the leg slightly I am able to massage the back of the leg.

 When I massage your back, you will be seated,  leaning against the massage couch with lots of pillows to rest your head.