Lava Shell Therma Bliss Massage


A Testimonial from one of my clients
My massage with Heidi is my me time.  A rare chance that she creates to get away and forget troubles- 
including those of my back, which unfortunately comes part of a physical job.

The hot shells have hugely improved my discomfort and fatigue,without me be sucked into anything costly and drastic.
Its peaceful, warm, relaxing and inviting - I couldn't ask for more! Miss G.  Horley 

An indulgent and blissful heated massage treatment delivering a full sensory experience. 


This deeply relaxing and indulgent full body signature massage uses a range of sensory elements combined with the comforting heat of hygienic and non-porous Lava Shells and your therapist’s expert touch to bring about a blissful state of well being.


Starting face down with a luxurious back massage, the shells are worked over the back, neck and shoulders to ease tension, remove knots and melt away stress. This is followed by a wonderfully tranquil massage for the front of the body. This indulgent and sublime experience is further enhanced by incorporating a Sensory Retreats professionally blended aromatherapy well being oil along with a Divine Eyes self-heating eye mask for ultimate immersion of the senses. 


If You like Hot Stones, You'll LOVE Hot Lava Shells!